Workshops & Training in the UK

Hi there. I’m Cazzie, a UK PSYCH-K instructor. I took my first ever PSYCH-K Basic workshop back in 2005. After the workshop I had the realisation that, if I ever had a wobble again, it didn’t matter, because I now have a process at my finger tips that will enable me to resolve any issue in my life at any time. 16 months later, I went to America to complete the 6 day Basic Instructor training and I now teach the Basic, Advanced Integration, PSYCH-K Pro workshops and also the Divine Integration Retreat.

  • Holy

    I highly recommend Cazzie as a PSYCH-K® workshop facilitator... I look forward to doing the advanced workshop with her as well.


  • Richard

    It is great to have such a quick and effective tool for sorting out physical and emotional issues, however deep rooted they may appear to be.


  • Wil, Holland

    Thank you for the most inspiring weekend! Your enthusiasm has definitely worked on me – I am impressed with the results what PSYCH-K® has done for me so far.

    Wil, Holland

  • David

    Today I went up a ladder with no fear or anxiety, when in the past I would have felt very uncomfortable. It’s pretty impressive that a ten minute balance can clear a lifetime fear!



I am currently offering private sessions online only.

Cazzie Dare, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor shares her story

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