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Hi there. I’m Cazzie, a UK PSYCH-K instructor. I took my first ever PSYCH-K Basic workshop back in 2005. After the workshop I had the realisation that, if I ever had a wobble again, it didn’t matter, because I now have a process at my finger tips that will enable me to resolve any issue in my life at any time. 16 months later, I went to America to complete the 6 day Basic Instructor training and I now teach the Basic, Advanced Integration, PSYCH-K Pro workshops and also the Divine Integration Retreat.

  • Holy

    I highly recommend Cazzie as a PSYCH-K® workshop facilitator... I look forward to doing the advanced workshop with her as well.


  • Richard

    It is great to have such a quick and effective tool for sorting out physical and emotional issues, however deep rooted they may appear to be.


  • Wil, Holland

    Thank you for the most inspiring weekend! Your enthusiasm has definitely worked on me – I am impressed with the results what PSYCH-K® has done for me so far.

    Wil, Holland

  • David

    Today I went up a ladder with no fear or anxiety, when in the past I would have felt very uncomfortable. It’s pretty impressive that a ten minute balance can clear a lifetime fear!



NOTE: Our workshops are running:
They are held at professional hotel venues with full risk assessments etc, and are therefore 'exempt' from the 'rule of six' (applicable to 'social gatherings'). However due to the social distancing measures required, the maximum number of attendees per workshop is currently limited to 18.


I am currently offering private sessions online only.

Cazzie Dare, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor shares her story

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