More About Cazzie

Cazzie Dare PSYCH-K Instructor

Cazzie Dare is the principal of Yearning4Learning, established in 2006. Yearning4Learning was established with the intention that every individual has the ability to achieve their goals, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Cazzie began naturally coaching people as a teenager. This led her to working in the field of advice and information, specializing in working with young people and designing and delivering training to volunteers in all aspects of working with young people.

Her interest in the social and psychological fields led her to complete a BA(hons) 2:1 in 1999 in Social Policy and Administration. Cazzie then continued her study and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling in 2002 and counselled students at Sussex University and also for the Sussex NHS Service.

Through her counselling experience, Cazzie became curious about the number of counselling sessions people needed and also if there were lasting results. It was during this time that she thought about more solution-focused ways of working with people – ways that created lasting results in a shorter time.

In 2003, Cazzie completed her Master NLP Practitioner training and then went on to study to become a Brain Gym Consultant and Educational Kinesiologist.

In 2005, Cazzie found what she had been searching for – a process that allowed change to happen quickly and simply and with tangible results –PSYCH-K®. After completing her Advanced PSYCH-K® training and experiencing amazing changes in her own life due to consistently using the process herself (and not giving up!), Cazzie trained to become a PSYCH-K® Instructor. This allowed her to offer a solution oriented change process to individuals who were looking to make quick and effective change in their own lives too.

Cazzie now runs regular PSYCH-K® workshops as well as coaching individuals. Currently teaching the Basic and Advanced Integration Workshops, she also hosts the Divine Integration Retreat and in March 2011 became the first UK qualified PSYCH-K® Instructor to teach the Enhanced Facilitation and Professional’s Course.

Her passion lies in all things to do with consciousness and bridging the gap between science and spirituality and she is an avid reader of books on this subject, although not as much as she would like after the birth of her daughter!!!! 😉

Cazzie lives in Cardiff with her daughter and is passionate about dancing, singing (to herself) and making wish maps to help manifest her own personal goals. She likes to travel and experience new things in life and she loves to meet new people too.

Training & Qualifications

Education/Training EstablishmentDescription & any qualifications achievedYear
HypnoBirthing InstituteHypnoBirthing Practitioner2012
Healthy JonesNutritional Therapist2011
Myrddin CorporationPSYCH-K® Professional’s Course Instructor Training2011
Inner Active Consulting GroupPSYCH-K® Advanced Instructor Training2008
Sacred MindPSYCH-K® Basic Instructor Training2007
Sacred MindPSYCH-K® Advanced Training2006
Frontier DevelopmentPSYCH-K® Basic workshop2005
Zoom LearningBrain Gym® Instructor Training2005
Zoom LearningConsultant Level Brain Gym ®2005
Zoom LearningSeven Dimensions (Brain Gym®)2005
Zoom LearningOptimal Brain Organisation (Brain Gym®)2005
Zoom LearningVision Circles (Brain Gym®)2005
Zoom LearningFurther into Brain Gym®2005
Zoom LearningBrain Gym® in Education2004
NLP WorldMaster Practitioner Hypnotherapy2003
NLP WorldMaster Practitioner Time Line Therapy2003
NLP WorldMaster Practitioner NLP2003
Reiki 22002
College of Classical MassageIndian Head Massage2000
College of Classical MassageClassical Massage1999
Homewood School of ReflexologyReflexology Diploma1999
Reiki 11997

Professional In-Service Training

Education/Training EstablishmentDescription & any qualifications achievedYear
Brighton Health PromotionFirst Aid2007
Brighton Health PromotionSolution Focused Brief Therapy2007
Brighton Health PromotionSelf Esteem and Relationships2005
ConnexionsTeenage Psychology2005
Sussex CareersAdvice & Guidance OCN level 32005
Homeless LinksHomeless Links Conference2003
Brighton Health PromotionPsycho—Sexual Issues2003
YMCA Contracted ConsultantManagement Training (4 day course)2003
AllsortsSexuality Training2003
Brighton Health PromotionTeenage Pregnancy and Sexual Health Issues2002
Sussex PoliceWorking with Aggressive Clients2002
Working Together ProjectDealing with Aggressive Clients2002
Staff SupervisionTraining the Trainers2002
SASSSubstance Misuse Diploma2002
YMCA contracted consultantMental Health Training2002
Brighton Health PromotionAsylum Seeker Training2002
Brighton Health PromotionHIV Awareness Training2001
ADESBHIn Work Benefits2001
ADESBHSuicide and Self Harm2000
ADESBHSubstance Misuse Conference1999
Brighton Primary Care TrustFamily Planning training1999
ADESBHSubstance Misuse Training1998
Brighton Health PromotionSexual Health Seminar1998
Brighton & Hove CouncilHealth and Safety1998

When the brain's hemispheres are phase locked and work as one, a number of known benefits result, including heightened awareness, improved recall, more self programming flexibility, and heightened creativity – in short, 'super learning'
Christopher M. Bache