Master Facilitation


The Master Facilitation Workshop was developed to support professional and non-professional PSYCH-K Facilitators in developing high-level skills with others and one’s self. This workshop offers training and experience facilitating sessions in-person and at a distance over internet video or by telephone.

Bank transfer and paypal payments must be paid prior to the workshop. To arrange payment by bank transfer please contact
Cash can be paid on the first day of the workshop.



  • Bookings made at Early Bird price are only valid if made and paid more than one month before the start of the workshop.
  • If you need to change Year, please click ‘Clear’ first to reset everything. Thanks!
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Follow this link for more details of the Psych-K Master Facilitation workshop, including contact details for any dates/locations that are not included in the menu above.

All PSYCH-K workshops are taught to the same format all over the world, using the same workshop packs and same information. To ensure that you are being taught by a Myrddin Corporation certified PSYCH-K instructor, you can go to

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