Online Workshop – Level 1


This Workshop allows people from all over the world, particularly those who cannot attend the in-person workshop, to learn PSYCH-K® for their personal use only. The Online Workshop can be experienced from the comfort of your home, and you can also save time and money by not having the additional travel, food or accommodation expenses that can come with an in-person workshop. For details please see: Online Level 1 Workshop.

To ensure worldwide consistency, this workshop is priced in US dollars, converted to pounds sterling at today’s ‘mid-market’ rates.

Payment options (see Ways to Pay for details):

  • Online in full (PayPal or Debit/Credit card*);
  • Online in instalments (PayPal in 3);
  • Bank transfer or Wise – please contact Cazzie to arrange.


  • *To pay by card, click ‘Add to basket’, then ‘View basket’ and on through to the Checkout page, where that option will appear;
  • Payments by any method must be made prior to the commencement of the workshops (see also Ways to Pay);
  • Bookings are subject to our Booking Terms & Conditions.
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Follow this link for Online Level 1 Workshop, including contact details for any dates that are not included in the menu above.

All PSYCH-K workshops are taught to the same format all over the world, using the same workshop packs and same information. To ensure that you are being taught by a Myrddin Corporation certified PSYCH-K instructor, you can go to

Additional information

Date & Location

Apr-18-20 – Online, Sept 4-6 – Online