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What type of session can I have?

I am currently offering private sessions online or distant only.

Online via Zoom*

The sessions are conducted through the use of Surrogation, which means that I will be able to do the muscle testing on your behalf. A very specific protocol is used, which ensures it is in the best and highest interest for both of us to work this way. You will do the actual PSYCH-K® ️Balances (change processes) as if you were in the session in person, and I will guide you through each step of the process.

Distant Sessions

I also offer distant sessions, whereby you are not required to be present in front of a computer or smartphone. Again, it is done using the process of Surrogation. I will send you the ‘results’ of the session, and you are then welcome to call me for a chat if that would be beneficial for you. Distant sessions are useful if it is hard for you to make time for an online session.

First time? – FREE Introductory Chat (phone/Zoom)

I offer a free phone or Zoom call prior to committing to a first session, to ‘meet’, and answer any questions you might have, and to go over how the session will work. Please note that you are not obligated to book a session with me after the call.

What happens during a session?

During your session, we will look at how things are now for you – what’s happening in your life or within yourself that you’d like to change. After we have talked about your current experience, we will go on to identify what experience you would much rather be having instead – how would you really like things to be if there were no blocks to getting there? These new, desired experiences are your Goals and can be emotional, mental, physical, practical or spiritual.

From here, I will help you to create emotionally meaningful Goal Statements and these statements will be your new beliefs. When the best belief for you has been created, you will then go through the change process to reprogramme your subconscious mind with the new beliefs and I will support you all the way through this step.

Ripples from a single drop of water

It can be tempting to want to change everything in one session. However, focusing on one topic per session can be more meaningful than working on lots of different areas and, sometimes, it might take more than one session to resolve a particular obstacle.

My role is to help you connect to the power and the wisdom that is within you and to help you choose what you want to believe, rather than suggesting or telling you what I think you should believe. If I did this, I would take away your power to choose and know what is right for you. My intention is to always to offer and hold a space for you to be able to freely explore your thoughts with me, so that, together, we can find a way forward. The power to change really is within you. During a PSYCH-K® session you will connect with that inner power, and when this happens, it truly is a magical experience.

Changing beliefs in a PSYCH-K® session is like planting seeds in the subconscious mind. Once the new beliefs are ‘planted’, you have brand new potential available within you; possibilities that you may never have imagined before. This new potential and the new possibilities can be recognised by taking tangible action steps towards your Goal. Towards the end of the session, we will revisit your overall goal and create an action plan. The action plan usually consist of 2 or 3 action steps to take after the session, a bit like a to do list. These actions will help bring your new subconscious change into conscious awareness. The actions could be something you’ve tried to do before, but couldn’t, because you didn’t have the beliefs to support you. They could also be brand new action steps – something you’ve never done before, but will be able to do now because you will have your new subconscious beliefs supporting you.

You will experience the PSYCH-K® Balances/change processes as if you were in the session in person. The only difference between an online session and an in person session is that I will do the muscle testing on your behalf. I use a pendulum during online sessions and the reason for this is that I like to make sure you can see what’s happening at every step. I use a pendulum when I’m using PSYCH-K® with myself and I have used this method since I first learnt PSYCH-K® 16 years ago. I do know various other muscle testing techniques and the pendulum is by far the technique that gives clear and concise results every time.


The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs and is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical attention or professional mental health care. While the PSYCH-K® process can help modify personal limiting beliefs and perceptions around health, it does not heal or cure conditions.

Before and after your session

All sessions

The following are the questions we will go through together in your session. Some people find it helpful to think about these questions before their session. This is an opportunity and not an obligation as we will go through them in your session.

  1. What is the main overall topic/issue you would like to resolve in your session?
  2. What have you done up until now to resolve this, if anything?
  3. How are things for you now regarding your overall topic/issue? – these can be thoughts, feelings, behaviours, attitudes etc? (what specifically is your current experience?)
  4. What would you rather be experiencing instead of what you wrote in no.3?

Online Zoom/video sessions (before):

  • Please have a glass of water to hand.
  • It can be helpful to test out the video link before the session, so that you are familiar with it and ready in advance.
  • Please have paper and a pen or pencil to write down your Goal Statements. I will provide a form that you can print out and fill in through the session if it’s helpful for you.
  • Please ensure there will be no disruptions during your session e.g. a family member coming in and out of the room.

Distant sessions (after):

  • I will share with you the notes I make during the session, by email or another appropriate way if you prefer.

[see confidentiality policy]

We Are What We Think

How limiting beliefs can be changed into supporting beliefs

Some examples…

“I’m not worthy” can become
“I am worthy”

“I hate myself” can become
“I love myself”

“I never have enough money” can become
“I always have more than enough money”

“Nothing I do is ever good enough” can become
“I do my best and my best is good enough”

“I’m always ill” can become
“My body is a blueprint for perfect health”

Prices and how to book

You can book your session(s) and make payment online below.

Online video session:

  • First Session length: 90 mins (see below).
  • Standard Session length: 60 mins.

£ 120

Distant session:

  • Session length: 60 mins.
  • Post session write up and notes shared.

£ 120

Three sessions:

  • Session length: 3 x 60 mins.
    (pre-paid in full);
  • Online video and/or Distant.
    (First Session 90 mins (see below) if Online and this is your first time);
  • Post session write up and notes shared
    (if any sessions Distant).

£ 280 *SPECIAL*

Introductory chat:

  • up to 30 mins.
  • no obligation.


Note: Payment in instalments is available through PayPal Pay Later – see Ways to Pay for details.)


  • All Sessions:
    • Please make your appointment under ‘Select a service’ below, then make payment;
    • Payable online by 9am on day of session, ideally at time of booking;
    • If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start of the session time, full payment must be made.
    • Making an appointment implies that you have read and agree to my Terms & Conditions – 1 to 1s.
  • Booking a First Session (90 mins):
    • All sessions show on the online calendar as 60 mins – please add a further 30 mins in your diary.
  • Booking 3 Pre-Paid Sessions (special):
    • please make at least the first appointment before you make payment – you may also book one or both of the subsequent sessions at the same time, or we can arrange them later;
    • if all of 3 pre-paid sessions cannot be completed, those which have will be charged at full price, and the remaining balance of the advance booking refunded.
  • Booking an Introductory Chat (free):
    • please book any of the available appointment slots (all show on the calendar as 60 mins, but please note that the introductory call is for 30 mins).

In the PSYCH-K® community, we all work together. If my session times are unsuitable for you, please go to, where you can find a list of other facilitators.

Make an appointment:

Once you have booked an appointment, please then make payment on the rightbelow.

If booking form does not load in the space above: please click here to book (new tab/window).

Make payment:

After you have reserved your appointment(s), please:

  • note that your booking is not confirmed until you have made payment;
  • click ‘Pay now online’ below, choose your Session type, ‘Add to basket’, then click ‘View Basket’ to actually proceed to payment;
  • let me know if your payment will show up as a different name from that on the booking (e.g. if your PayPal account is in the name of your business).
  • For more details, including payment in instalments, please see Ways to Pay.

Payment will open in a new tab/window, so you can still refer back to this page.
Thank you 🙂

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