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How I removed my 69 year old asthma in 75 minutes (with help from Cazzie and PSYCH-K®)

Wow Cazzie!

What a powerful experience and I now feel spectacular like I did in my forties and fifties.

Having had Asthma on and off for all my life it came back with a vengance when I was 64 years of age and I have tried virtually all the natural therapies and pills and potions available, but still my reliance on medication continued to increase to give me any quality of life.

I found your web site in early January and our telephone consultation was at 10.0a.m on 12th January 2009 which is a day which will be etched into my memory.

At birth I apparently had difficulty breathing which necessitated me being smacked by the doctor to “encourage” me to breathe. The first belief we changed was to now know that “it is safe for me to breathe freely and relax”.

It took me about 5 minutes to complete the process and it really was emotionally charged. I immediately started to breathe easier and by the time we had completed the session I felt great.

Over the next few days I rather quickly reduced my medication and my last inhaler was at 8.0a.m on Monday 19th Jan – one week after our consultation. I also started excercising more strongly and went out walking including climbing stairs two at a time which I regularly used to do.

On the 16th Jan I came to Tenerife on holiday and on Saturday I ran for a few hundred yards which was a good start and I felt fine.Since then I have run every day, breathing freely, and yesterday and today (21st Jan) I ran one mile which I was really delighted to be able to achieve in such a short time. In addition I am walking about five miles daily.

At 69 years of age I am amazed that at the unconcious level I apparently did not believe some of the beliefs I believed I believed!! I now know that by the spring time I will be fit enough to run 2 to 3 miles regularly over the beautiful, but hilly, Yorkshire countryside because as well as enjoying this I believe that it will help to keep me fit and healthy in the future.

Once again Cazzie you have my heartfelt thanks. Until you have had difficulty breathing you do not fully appreciate how great it feels to breathe easily even when exercising.

John Ellis, (One to One Session), Yorkshire, England

Sleep, health, speech and confidence!

I have listed below some of the issues that I have used PSYCH-K® to resolve, and the outcomes that have resulted.

  1. ‘I sleep deeply and silently’ or ‘I sleep deeply and restfully’. I have used this on myself and a couple of friends to improve the quality of sleep, and to prevent snoring. It has worked extremely well. On one occasion my business partner was so deeply asleep that he did not wake up when his burglar alarm went off at 1am. Someone who had complained about my snoring from an adjacent hotel room thought that I had changed rooms when I slept completely silently the following night!
  2. ‘I get fitter and healthier every day’. I have used this very successfully, and my measured performance improved on my next 6 gym visits after I balanced for this goal.
  3. ‘My pulse and blood pressure are healthy and low’. My resting pulse has fallen from 82 to 62, and my blood pressure was 112/72 last week. Last year I was prescribed Propranalol because it was excessively high.
  4. ‘I talk calmly and slowly’. I used this on a friend who has ADHD and always talked incredibly fast. He opened his eyes after the balance and spoke normally.
  5. ‘I am confident and self-assured in all aspects of my life’. I used this on a friend who has had self-esteem issues for many years. She told me she felt profoundly different about herself straight away, and has continued to feel that her self worth is at a completely new level, and that she is now confident enough to stand up for herself in a way she never has done before.

The ease with which some of these issues can be positively affected is very convincing evidence that our sub-conscious mind is infinitely more powerful than most people imagine. It is great to have such a quick and effective tool for sorting out physical and emotional issues, however deep rooted they may appear to be.

I am very much looking forward to coming on your Advanced Course in April.

Thanks for all your help.


Combining PSYCH-K® with acupuncture…

Hi Cazzie,

Thank you for the most inspiring weekend! Your enthusiasm has definitely worked on me – I am impressed with the results what PSYCH-K® has done for me so far.

Would you believe, I have already done 2 sessions with my acupuncture ‘clients’ (1 lady for non smoking and I am sure this time she has a much better chance for stopping).

As you can see – I put it all to practice.

Once again, thank you very much for all your help. Good luck with the good work you are doing.

Best wishes,

Wil, Holland

An inspiring workshop and a great group…

Dear Cazzie,

Thank you very much for inspiring workshop – incredible two days where I finally could get to know this unusual technique. I enjoyed every minute of it and I also think that the whole group was great and quite advanced in search for their Higher Self.

In my dreams I could imagine such a workshop once per month purely to practice the techniques we learnt so that we could feel better within ourselves.

I hope PSYCH-K® comes closer to Reading one day so that I could practice more often.

Thanks to you and Will again,


Magdalena, Berkshire

Going directly to the cause… and correcting it!

Hi Cazzie

Thank you for the additional Information. I enjoyed your course. Very well put over.

All I have to do now is to digest it, and put it into practice.

I have studied dozens of systems, and PSYCH-K® is the only one that goes directly to the cause.

And corrects it of course.

Peter, Swansea

I highly recommend Cazzie as a PSYCH-K® workshop facilitator

I experienced a wonderful PSYCH-K® basic workshop with Cazzie. She’s a fantastic facilitator, and she does a great job of explaining and demonstrating each part of the workshop. Cazzie had been highly recommended to me before the workshop, and I’m so happy that I signed up for one of her courses.

Since the basic workshop, I’ve been using PSYCH-K® about five days a week, with great results. I’ve been seeing subtle shifts in my life as a result of the belief statements that I’ve been working on, and I look forward to seeing continued changes in the future. This is such a wonderful tool, and the best part is that it’s easy to use with myself (in addition to working with others).

I highly recommend Cazzie as a PSYCH-K® workshop facilitator, and I’m sure she’s a wonderful practitioner as well. I look forward to doing the advanced workshop with her as well.


A ten minute balance can clear a lifetime fear!

I had a fantastic time on the course spending the weekend with a great group of people. PSYCH-K® is an amazingly effective simple process to test and change beliefs in your subconsciousness. In the weekend we were able to learn the process, and how to use it with ourselves and other people. I felt great after the course, as we spent lots of time practising with each other finding limiting beliefs and changing them. It’s very exciting to know I can use PSYCH-K® to change any belief I have and assist other people to do the same.

I really feel I learnt something amazing!

I’ve done lots of balances with myself and been feeling great, but the most concrete result I’ve had so far has been from working … on the weekend with my fear of heights. Today I went up a ladder with no fear or anxiety, when in the past I would of felt very uncomfortable. It’s pretty impressive that a ten minute balance can clear a lifetime fear!


When the brain's hemispheres are phase locked and work as one, a number of known benefits result, including heightened awareness, improved recall, more self programming flexibility, and heightened creativity – in short, 'super learning'
Christopher M. Bache