Online Level 1 Workshop

PSYCH-K® Online – Level 1

This Workshop allows people from all over the world, particularly those who cannot attend the in-person workshop, to learn PSYCH-K® for their personal use only. The Online Workshop can be experienced from the comfort of your home, and you can also save time and money by not having the additional travel, food or accommodation expenses that can come with an in-person workshop.

The Online Workshop can also be ideal for those who find being in large groups difficult, especially in person. The minimum number of participants on an Online Level 1 Workshop is 6, the maximum is 10.

If you would like to continue on to other workshops after the Online Level 1 workshop, the new Online Level 2 workshop will be available in due course. The Level 2 Online workshop will enable you to work with others online.

✶ Please note, if your goal is to work with others in person, you will have to attend the the in-person Basic workshop. The Online workshops enable you to work with yourself only (Level 1) and with others, only via online sessions (Level 2, once it becomes available).
You cannot work with others in person through learning PSYCH-K® online.

What is the Online Workshop – Level 1?

Learn to use Self Muscle Testing to communicate in a fast and easy way with your subconscious mind. In this workshop we will share with you a process of change called The New Direction Balance, for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

We will show you how you can apply PSYCH-K® in your daily life, in order to transform everything that limits the maximum expression of your potential and recover your power for creativity, happiness, enjoyment, well-being and peace.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a powerful collaboration between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds, in order to transform limiting beliefs and reach your desired goals in life.
  • How to use Muscle Testing to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, where at least 95% of your thoughts and actions originate.
  • How to speak the language of your subconscious mind that is different from the language of your conscious mind!
  • How to transform the perception of a stressful or traumatic event from the past that limits the full expression of your life in the present.
  • How to use a simple 4-step PSYCH-K® process to help resolve problems and stressors in your daily life.
  • How to utilize the Wisdom of Mother Nature in every area of your life, by integrating eleven key Principles of Nature that you will learn in the workshop.
  • How, besides serving yourself, you can also serve all of humanity simply and effectively by using a specific process called The Gaia Protocol!

Workshop Duration: 

3 consecutive days, 7 hours each day, from 9am-4pm, GMT with a 1 hour lunch break and short breaks through the day. We will meet via Zoom.

Requirements for Your Participation Online:

  • Access to a printer to print the material before the Workshop starts. This material is exclusive for your personal use (it is sent with a code with your name)
  • A computer (desktop or laptop) with very good internet connection, where you download the Zoom application (it is not possible to participate in the workshop from the Zoom web browser plugin – it is not possible to use a Tablet, iPad or a mobile phone either)
  • A place where you have silence and are not interrupted by other people in your house or by pets – the silence in the environment around you is also important so as not to create noise for the other participants during the workshop.
  • Commitment with yourself to attend:
    • the workshop in its entirety, for 3 days, for 7 continuous hours each day. No exceptions allowed (we will NOT have recordings of the workshop available).
    • a Zoom meeting with the group beforehand: at 7pm on the Monday evening of the week of the workshop, to get to know each other and to go through the logistics of the workshop.
    • a Zoom meeting with the group afterwards: two weeks after the workshop for a Q&A session and to touch base to see how everyone is doing.

Online Peer Support Group

Note: Having completed an Online Workshop, you will have the option of online community support via a WhatsApp group.

IMPORTANT! This workshop is reserved only for people who have not attended an in-person PSYCH-K® Basic workshop.

All PSYCH-K® workshops are taught to the same format all over the world, using the same workshop packs and same information. To ensure that you are being taught by a Myrddin Corporation certified PSYCH-K® instructor, you can go to To ensure worldwide price parity for online workshops, they are priced in US dollars – you will be quoted a sterling price on booking (online booking with real-time conversion coming soon).

Frequently asked questions

Compared with this, what’s different about the in-person Basic Workshop?

Apart from the obvious that it is ‘in person’ not online…

The Basic Workshop is both for PERSONAL USE AND SUPPORTING OTHERS with their transformation – friends, family and clients, and is a prerequisite for our other in person workshops.

In the Basic Workshop we share with you two processes of change – New Direction Balance and Resolution Balance. You learn how to use Muscle Testing with other people and with yourself to establish communication with the subconscious mind, in a fast and easy way. We show you how you can apply PSYCH-K® in your daily life, with yourself as well as with other people, in order to transform everything that limits the maximum expression of our potential and recover energy for creativity, happiness, enjoyment, well-being and peace.

Find out more about the in person Basic Workshop (including forthcoming dates).

Should I do the Online Level 1 or the in-person Basic Workshop?

If you wish to learn PSYCH-K® for your personal use, and it is easier for you to participate online than to attend an in-person workshop, the Online Level 1 may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If your desire is to learn PSYCH-K® to help yourself and others right away, the in-person PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop is what you need. And if you choose to take a Basic PSYCH-K® workshop in person, after that you can go on to other in person workshops we offer – Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, for which the in-person Basic Workshop is a prerequisite. (You can then go on to the Health and Wellbeing Programme and the Divine Integration Retreat, for which the Advanced workshop is prerequisite.)

Workshop Investment

2024 3 day online workshop
Price£ 605 Payment in instalments available with ‘PayPal in 3’.

HIDDENTo ensure worldwide consistency, this workshop is priced in US dollars, converted to pounds sterling automatically at today’s ‘mid-market’ rates – click a ‘Book Now‘ button/link to see the current sterling price.

Payment must be received prior to the workshop. To arrange payment by bank transfer or Wise please contact Cazzie at Yearning4Learning. For more details, including payment in instalments, please see Ways to Pay.

[Terms & Conditions incl cancellation refund policy.]

Workshop Dates

If PDF download is not available, it will be sent to you by email after booking.

IMPORTANT: Bookings close at 11am on the day before the first day of a workshop.


DateWorkshopLocationFull Details (PDF)Book Now
Apr-18-20Online Level 1Online
avail soon
Aug 14-16Online Level 1Online
avail soon
Sept 4-6Online Level 1Online
avail soon
Dec 4-6Online Level 1Online
avail soon

For a Full Calendar of forthcoming workshop dates, please see Workshops & Events.

More specific details will be sent upon booking.

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When the brain's hemispheres are phase locked and work as one, a number of known benefits result, including heightened awareness, improved recall, more self programming flexibility, and heightened creativity – in short, 'super learning'
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